Civil Rights


A quality K-12 education is a civil right and LULAC works to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to the American Dream.


Diversity and respect in the work place are strengths that all to often is forgotten.  LULAC understand that where there is mutual respect, great companies and great communities rise.


Throughout our history, LULAC has fought to protect unjust voting laws and redistricting maps.  From advocacy in our communities, in the court houses across America, and to the United States Supreme Court, LULAC has and will always protect your right to vote!


Comprehensive Immigration Reform

An issue that has been used to divide our nation for over a decade, LULAC believes that our nation needs to fix our broken immigration system and pass legislation that provides for our nation's security, economy and humanity.


LULAC believes it is a moral and economic imperative to pass the DREAM Act and to #KeepTheDreamAlive .

Refugee & Asylum Seekers

With millions fleeing war and violence, LULAC believes it is our nation's duty to provide safe harbor, like it has since our inception and will continue to advocate to ensure we do.


Health Insurance

As more and more struggle, especially those with pre-existing conditions, LULAC believes that quality, affordable health insurance must be available to all.

Senior Care

It is now our turn to protect those who once protected us.  As such, each state has a Deputy State Director for the Elderly, tasked with organizing advocacy efforts.

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