Action Alert:

Ask the President & Congress to pass the DREAM Act!

Youth Focus

Pride in Self & Culture

America is a melting pot that has drawn the best of every culture.  Our history and culture should celebrated and revered by all.

Leadership & Teamwork

Each member will participate in a team and lead various projects and initiatives learning the skills needed to succed. 

Educational Attainment

Since its inception, LULAC has always encouraged high academic achievement for all.

Service to Community

We all have a responsibility to ourselves and to others, and it begins in our communities.

Living Life to the Fullest

LULAC Youth Members will enjoy social events, have access to once in a lifetime opportunities that will develop characteristics needed to succeed in the workplace and in life.

Annual Events

LULAC National Youth Convention

Each year, hundreds of LULAC Youth members attend the national convention, participating in a major community service project, attend capacity building workshops, ask questions of prominent Latinos in business, education, the arts and government, and hold their national assembly passing resolutions on issues and electing their national leadership.

Washington D.C. Youth Leadership

Each year, top Latino youth are selected by a sponsoring council, and receive an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.  There they hear different perspectives on important issues, create a LULAC Youth National Platform on the issue and then visit with legislators on Capital Hill to share there positions.  This is an opportunity for our youth to learn about important issues, about government and themselves.

LULAC WI Public Service Day

Each year LULAC WI Youth meet with elected officials, judges, police officers and other public servants to learn about professional opportunities that are available to them and the job satisfaction you receive when serving the community.